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We have awarded the following organizations for their commitment and contribution to the community.

Year 2002 Awards
For 2002 we continue on with the SPAM/UCE theme, we are also looking to support alternative whois servers/parsers etc.

Bill Weinman is our Third quarter award winner, We usually pick several awardees per quarter, this time Bill gets the whole kitty. Mr Weinman has created the infamous bw-whois, a perl application/cgi client and server for answering whois queries.

Bill is working on the 4.0 Version of bw-whois which will address such things as a plugable parseing framework, data mining controls and caching.

Our grateful thanks to Bill for his masterful programming skills. Oh, and look for the Internet-Draft soon to be published on how he turns unstructured whois results in to XML.

EFF - Electronic Fronteer Foundation
The EFF fights for your rights, and believe me many of our most personal rights are under siege.
Consider supporting the EFF
Year 2001 Awards
The theme for Q4 2001 was AIDS and SPAM - we would like to see them both become preventable.
AIDS Vaccine Ride

The money raised by donations and pledges by other riders of the Pallotta TeamWorks AIDS Vaccine Rides went directly to benefit the work of scientists at three of the world's leading university research facilities - the UCLA AIDS Institute , the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Centerr, and the Emory Vaccine Center. Ordinary people accomplished extraordinary things in the battle against AIDS - none of which would have been possible without generous donations! The battle, though, is far from over.

Consider sponsoring a rider through other AIDS Vaccine Rides

SpamCon Foundation
Unsolicited email ("spam") forces unwanted and objectionable materials into our mailboxes, impairs our ability to communicate freely, and costs Internet users billions of dollars annually.

The SpamCon Foundation protects email as a viable communication and commerce medium by supporting measures to reduce the amount of unsolicited email that crosses private networks, while ensuring that valid email reaches its destination.

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