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The latest list of awards is here

Alice's Registry is committed to fostering the development of opensource software. We reserve a portion of each domain registration, transfer and renewal to be gifted to developers of interesting opensource software development projects.

We use a lot of Open Source developed applications in our operations and believe strongly in the development of freely available software.

We will be posting a methodology for how we go about identifying and funding projects. Our initial criteria for identifying potential projects are:

  • The project should nothave a current corporate sponsor.
  • The project MUST have a stable version.
  • The project MUST have freely available source
  • The project MUST have a BSD/Apache/GPL style license.
  • The projects deliverable is generally beneficial to the net. for example we wouldn't fund a project that develops software to create DDoS attacks or better SPAM/UCE delivery software.

Our initial grants will be in the $500 to $5,000 range. Initially we will be reserving $1 for each year a domain is registered, transferred, or renewed with us. We expect to raise the amount reserve as our business grows.

Check back here in the coming weeks as we describe our plan in more detail.

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